3rd Annual “Live Music on the Canal” – 2012

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This is the newest update to “Live Music on the Canal”


The Event is Near….

With less than a month to go with Live Music on the Canal, the musician list is so very close to being finalized. Check it out as we have now updated it! We will be linking promotional materials to every artist name in the next week or so.

Be on the lookout for our QR code. It is a black and white square that you can scan with your smart phone, that leads you to this website, and directs you to all of your favorite artists playing at Live Music on the Canal CD’s and more.

We are happy to announce that Chevy has become our newest sponsor! So everytime you see a Chevy out on the road, think “Thank you for supporting local music” because that is what they are doing here in Oklahoma!

We are looking for Single Artist Sponsors – $25 Sponsors an Artist

If you are a business that likes to promote live music and would like to support a single artitst, or a group of artists at the September 10th event, please contact Brian Gwinner @ 405-740-9638, or Jessica Gwinner @ 405-740-9618.

You can also send an email to livemusiconthecanal@gmail.com

Comment on our Wall at http://www.facebook.com/livemusiconthecanal.

Hello Oklahoma Music Fans!!!

Welcome to the Live Music on the Canal website. After you read this, you should should go to our Artist Lineup and see if there’s anyone you recognize.

Then email livemusiconthecanal@gmail.com to let us know if there is anyone you believe should be part of this music festival.

You can also see updates and post information and requests to: